Teaching Toolbox

Your Guide for Integrating Online Learning

  • Find teaching tips and tools
  • Take notes for putting things into practice
  • Assess remaining workload
  • Get a checklist for course preparation


  • Best practices and recommendations from experienced teachers
  • Estimation of time and/or content preparation effort per teaching tip
  • Only GDPR-compliant tools
  • Teaching tips and tools complement Stud.IP course creation
  • Technical and Educational Support

How to use the Toolbox

  1. Create a plan for the online version of your course.
  2. Walk through 8 essential elements of online courses.
  3. Choose from 4 teaching tips per course element.
  4. Get a checklist for digitalizing your course.
  5. Keep the overview of course elements you still need to address.

Further general teaching tips, news and updates about technology supported by VirtUOS are published on the Digitale Lehre Portal. Additionally, all (topic-related) walk-in hours and meetings about trending topics from the didactical colloquium "Lehrkolleg" are announced there.

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